Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dipping a Toe into Open Source Development

I spent some time this weekend shaping my Gutter Icon code into a proper Github repo:

  1. I took the class file and put it into a separate project.
  2. I replaced the old namespace "SitecorePlayground" with the more official  sounding "SharedSource".
  3. I serialized the Core content item that wires this up.
  4. I created a package with the DLL and and the content item, and tested them in a blank solution.
  5. I browsed among the various open source licences here and selected this one.
  6. I put the whole thing on Github and added a Wiki.
Next step, getting it on trac.sitecore.net!  A fair bit of work for 20 lines of code, but quite satisfying.  Please comment if you end up using this in your Sitecore installation.  

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